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when you see a rude hate post in your OTP’s tag



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Season 4 Deleted Scenes


1. “30 Days…” - Bob is laying in bed crying, Lizzie walks up to his doorway and asks if he’s sad, all of a sudden Bob’s happy face is on as explains he was just having a bad dream. She says she has bad dreams but always forgets when she wakes up. She then says that she was coming to let him know that the group was getting ready to leave for the Big Spot run.

2. “Live Bait” - Gov is packing and trying to sneak out from Lily’s place, she asks where he’s going and he explains he couldn’t get the tanks for her dad, she says that’s not a reason for him to go….he leaves and i guess changes his mind later on? Pretty lame scene :/

3. “Dead Weight” - Gov talking to Pete about how dangerous his brother is, Pete wants Gov to talk to him but Gov tells him he’s the leader not him so he needs to do it.

4. “Too Far Gone” - This is the scene with Herschel & Michonne that was already released, nothing new…

5. “Still” - Daryl & Beth walking through woods, Beth talking about how Herschel used to talk about his drinking days and how it made him sad. She was always afraid he’d show up to pick her up from a party and see that she had a beer in her hand and see the disappointed look in his eyes so she never did drink. 

6. “The Grove” - This scene has Carol, Ty & crew walking down tracks, Ty sees a dead walker with a baby carrier so to distract the girls he suggests a game of I Spy. Girls end up seeing it and Lizzie is just curious about it, not freaking out and walks over to it.

7. “US” - Bob & Sasha sitting around fire in train tunnel, joking about how Eugene will be on their future dollar bills because he claims to have the cure, then they share a kiss. Also, noting that in the scene everyone else is asleep, Abe & Rosita are snuggled up together, it’s actually kind of cute. lol

8. “A” - This is the scene already released that shows Rick & Carl talking as they walk along the tracks

Overall, really bummed out about what they gave us…oh well.

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don’t call me mom… just don’t


Grimes Family Photo

The Walking Dead Season 1 BTS: We Are the Walking Dead

Mindy/Danny + Kisses.

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The Mindy Project + Tumblr Text Posts
(featuring season 2 deleted scenes)

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Carol plz.

I remember someone posted something about she keeping the grenade and I wanted to draw it hahahaha someone please tell me who did it o0o!

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