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*cof* yes, hello again. haha.

Ok this happened because I got SO MUCH FEEDBACK from the Caryl bath time manip that you guys kept asking for more like it. Well here I present, shower time Caryl. XD Hope this satisfies the requests. :)


She continues, "We all got together and had dinner and there’s a lot of love there. A lot of love there. I see Norman [Reedus] quite a bit and Andy [Lincoln]’s family and my family are really close. I think those are bonds that will hopefully last for quite a while.”

While they caught up, Callies was also reminded of a promise she made when auditioning for “Into the Storm.” “Melissa McBride actually taped me in her trailer,” she remembers. “I jokingly said, ‘If I get this I’m going to get you a bottle of wine.’ Then I saw her last week at Comic-Con and she said, ‘Where’s my wine?’ So I’m going to send her a nice bottle of wine soon.”
It’s good to know that even those eaten by walkers can still count the survivors among their friends.
“Into the Storm” is in theaters Aug. 8.

July 31, 2014 (X) 

*More Melissa McBride Love!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Chapter 13: War Propaganda 2, a mindy project fanfic | FanFiction



With an equal mixture of excitement and sadness, helenvanpattersonpatton and I present to you the final chapter of Signed, Sealed, Delivered. We thank everyone for their kindness and support through this utterly magnificent journey. We cannot possibly convey how much fun this was to create. We are humbled and delighted to have shared this experience with you all. 

Heart eyes to infinity, helen. <3 <3 <3

Enjoy the final installment, War Propaganda 2, on AO3 and FF!

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I laughed really hard.

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Mindy’s box is full of tchtochkes and pictures and remembrances. She collects the collateral of her life to remind herself that she’s lived it. All the exes, even those who broke her heart, are there. And she’s willing to open it up and share it with anyone who wants to see. Danny’s box (and his heart) are spare and secret. It’s just Richie, Giuliani, God, and her. There are a lot of spaces for Mindy to fill.

(via "Oh, how I hope that you are." - The Mindy Project Recap)

Damn, everything in this whole recap is so on the money. This, this, this is exactly it:

He loses faith after an hour. Mindy almost turns around and goes home because the elevator is broken. But then she takes on the 104 floors anyway. And he runs down the street to a Springsteen track. This meeting was a stupid idea. He could have taken Mindy out of the Shulman ladies’ room by the hand, took her into his office, closed the door, and explained how she woke him up after his divorce and showed him how to have fun again. About how long he’s felt this way about her. About why he got scared. It certainly would have been much more efficient. But he’s just a guy, and he’s confused about what she wants. “I want something real,” she says right to his beautiful, dumb face. And he still charges ahead with trying to win her by recreating a moment from a 21-year-old movie. (May I remind you that the most successful grand gesture Danny ever pulled off was the one that was 100% him – not cribbed from any film?) It’s a testament to the bones of their bond that they’re able to survive this inept attempt at a Lloyd Dobler moment. They find each other in spite of it.

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